Retail Outlets @ Ngong Ping 360, Lantau Island

Response to the Icon Logo


The outline of the shop interiors are construed as loops, in echo with the logo of the Cable Cars. Different Retail Outlets have different theme colours to identify each of the Outlet’s character.


Circular Forms and Circular Spaces


The circular shop interior walls gives the Outlet a bubbly look as the shoppers see it, thereby conveying a sense of fun to the store. The circular walls also allow concealed storage spaces behind the store.


Embracing Form and Welcoming Spaces


The circular forms resemble open arms to shoppers. The flow of the sequence of circular loops makes sure shoppers can tour around the shop for all the novelties in store.


Displays and Products surrounding Customers


The display racks are placed concentric with the Circular shop walls, so that shoppers are surrounded by the eye-catching souvenirs as they move through the shop to the next locality.