Proposed Chinese Rhenish Church @ Yuen Long

The captioned is a new Church located in Yuen Long for the Chinese Rhenish Church. It is designed to be one of the vehicles to help spread the gospel.


At the entrance is a large bell that chimes the call of the Holy Spirit. By its side the reflective pool carries the allegory of reflection and repentance.


Open Courtyard
By the entrance outside the eastern elevation in embracing form, is an open courtyard for casual fellowship gatherings such as bazaars, discussions and gospel singing at Christmas eve. The water feature lining the western side of the architecture creates a visual illusion of the architecture being elevated from ground level, which is an expression of the being of the Church ヨ モin this world but not of this worldヤ.


Entrance Gateway
To cleanse the mind of worshippers before arriving at the main Church Hall, the entrance leads to a long tranquilising hallway preparing the worshippersメ mind. The 7 skylight windows of ascending proximity with each other adjust the illumination in the hallway from relative darkness to a state of full brightness. Together the 7 skylight, as if 7 lamp stands, represents the 7 churches in the book of Genesis, reminding believers Godメs grace over them. The 4 balconies along the hallway on the other hand signify 4 stages in the Passage of Salvation - namely "Conversion", "Justification", "Regeneration" and "Sanctification".


Main Church Hall
Over 200 worshippers could be fitted into the main Church hall. The 7 stained glass windows allow users to experience light in the 7 different colours, reminding users of rainbow that signifies Godメs promise to Earth and His love for His people.