Apartment B @ Yishan Garden, Shenzhen, PRC

The thematic approach of the residential design aims to project an Italian Holiday House style for families to enjoy simply country lifestyle with maximum natural lighting.


Chiffon Touch
In order to allow maximum natural lighting penetration into the interior, the “Chiffon” is chosen for blinds. The off white colour of the space is decorated mostly with the Italian townscape paintings. The design deliberately intended to create an open kitchen for literal connection to the Dinning Room.


The bedroom is mainly in greenish colour and all sanitary fittings are tailor-made design. An open walk-in closet is introduced into the Masters’ Bedroom with chiffon and off-white colour and texture paints are the major elements for the space.


Holiday-House Features
In addition, the tailor-made “Timber-Barrel” is introduced into the Masters’ bathroom so as to foster a sense of leisure and natural touch.