World Boutique 2003 @ HKCEC

The world of high fashion has a new stage in HK. WorldBoutique, Hong Kong is a fashion extravaganza and lifestyle–focused event, with special emphasis on: -


Impact – focused Backdrop
The lifestyle-focused event is interpreted in simple design solution which aims to create maximum “Impact” to all visitors, exhibitors and performers to reveal the host-Hong Kong as a cosmopolitan city for fashion.
The exhibition venue is conceived as a “Stage” in different dimensions and space, whilst different objects, including visitors, are conceived as displays in different dimensions.
The entire design is based on Hong Kong – Lifestyle with oriental cosmopolitan significance. The RED color is introduced as a basic component consistently leading people through out the venue all the way from lay-by area to catwalk stage.


Impact – focused Icon
As the RED color is employed consistently to reveal implicitly the oriental cosmopolitan, therefore backdrops at different checkpoints such as Registration Booths, Transitional Spaces, Exhibition Alleys are purposely decorated with RED elements as nodes. Such nodes deliberately leading from one point to another until visitors arrive the Multi-Function Hall.


Impact – focused Functions
The impact emphasizes not only the nodes, but also the conception of centralization for functions. The impact well-defines the Registration Booths, Entrance Portals, Audio-Visual Spines for information and Multi-function Hall. The impact also provides clear but neutral backdrops for different functions.

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