Hong Kong Federation of Women @ Lockhart Road, Wanchai

New Design for Hong Kong Federation of Women


In a high density city like Hong Kong, acquiring space for different purposes often mean a high cost. This probably especially present greater difficulty to NGOs and charitable groups operating on subsidies or donations.


Leftover spaces under flyovers are one of the viable options for extra spaces. Often deemed inhospitable, the Canal Road flyover in Wanchai and Causeway Bay is one exception that carves out architectural spaces for different purposes, one of them being the Headquarters of the Hong Kong Federation of Women.


The new T.S. Kwok Service Centre, together with the adjacent existing Headquarters which would undergo renovation, will span approximately 80m occupying 9,500sq.ft. across one single floor. Designed by Barrie Ho Architecture Interiors, the new architecture under the bridge will harbour a variety of facilities. Apart from administrative areas, multi-function room, lecture hall, display gallery are some new additions to the Headquarter, functions that open up possibilities for the Federation to organize and host more activities for its members and organizations.


To realize the design objectives for the Centre, dedicated features would be incorporated into the architecture to improve or overcome the negative environmental aspects presented by site conditions, namely the undesirable air quality, lighting and ventilation of the building.

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