Integrated E-Sports Stadium @ Zhongxian, ChongQing (Part 1)

Integrated E-Sports Stadium + Incubation+ Training + Hotel Development @ Zhongxian, ChongQing


The E-Sports Spirit
Electronic sports (E-Sports) is a sport which players compete with each other through playing video games. Compared to physical sports, E-sports has a higher flexibility in terms of space as its nature is not constrained by a physical boundary such as sports ground or gymnasium. E-sports possesses high potential in generating intensive commercial values, for instances, Roadshow Promotions, Cosplay, Anchor Training and Technological Development.


The influence of E-sports is spreading tremendously around the globe. As an evolving type of sports, E-sports may soon become an official Olympic Sport in 2020. Besides, the spirit of E-sports well defines the aim of Olympic Games: with the elements of mutual understanding, solidarity, fair play and friendship in tournaments. Without any limit to race and boundary, the introduction of E-sports allows us to build collective effort for pursuing human excellence. Advanced technology could also bring us to a whole new perspective on the evolution of sports, which greatly facilitate electronic digital influences.

(A)E-Sports Stadium
The Imbalanced Tension

E-sports is yet a immature and vague Architectural topic to be explored and it certainly requires Re-exploration and Re-definition. As the first purpose-built Architecture under the theme, Integrated E-Sports Stadium + Incubation+ Training + Hotel Development, built in Chongqing Zhongxian, is a new paradigm shift in Incubation Architecture.


Integrated E-Sports Stadium + Incubation+ Training + Hotel Development (The Development) has a total G.F.A. of of 2,100,000 sq. ft., which is divided into E-sports Stadium with 60,000 sq. ft., Incubation with 80,000 sq. ft and a 5-star Hotel with 64,000 sq. ft.. The Development consists of a large-scale Stadium, which is able to house over 7,000 guests, is surrounded by Exhibition spaces, Road Show and Public Spaces, in order to create an Inward-looking space. The surrounding innovative, transformable, organic spaces are created to foster the E-Sports industry and its demand.


The Design of the E-sports Stadium adopts the approach of Indoor Stadium, which embraces the idea of designing the spaces to be dynamic, floating, and ever-changing space. The dynamic circulation flow of the Stadium can be well explained by the brand new experiences by going through the shopping mall, cafeteria, and souvenir shops before entering the Stadium.

Imbalanced Tension
The Design of the E-Sports Stadium is based on Asymmetric Symmetry. E-Sports dynamics is based on the foundation of two parties’ tournaments. The Synergy and Energy involved in the tournaments suggested an Imbalanced motion, which attains a sense of equilibrium similar to the concept of “Yin and Yang”.


The LED TV on the canopies and the curtain wall could provide the audience with much better visual effect even from the outside of the Stadium. The public can therefore witness the international tournaments outside the building. Red and blue would be the major color lighting of the effect of the Stadium, together they would create the atmosphere of the E-sports from in to out. Public who are outside of the stadium could also feel the excitement of the ongoing tournament.


Flying Wings
The E-sports Stadium is designed to be covered by a pair of “Flying Wings”, which purposely projects an asymmetrical beauty. The Design of “Flying Wings” symbolizes two parties in competition, revealing the competitiveness and synergy beyond the tournaments. The Uprising and Uplifting form of “Flying Wings” attains juxtaposition thus well redefining the Imbalanced Tension in harmony.

The asymmetrical “Flying Wings” reveals the Chinese philosophical concept of “Yin and Yang”. The concept of “Yin and Yang” suggests that two opposing and contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected and interdependent to achieve an equilibrium. The relationship between “Yin” and “Yang” ultimately represents the harmony in between the two contrary forces, just as the situation that E-Sports tournaments could be imbalanced, but the tension created in the games could be dissolved indeed by reaching the resonance of sharing ideas, knowledge and skills.


(B)Incubation Block and 5-Star Hotel
Apart from the E-sports Stadium, the Incubation Block and the 5-Star Hotel also form the Mixed-used, Interlocking and Interactive Development. The Incubation Block provides comprehensive facilities including E-Sports Expo, E-Sports Piazza, Virtual Reality Tube, Anchor Training Centre, Catwalk, Hairdressing Training, Studio, Roadshow, Research and Development and Supporting Amenities such as cafeteria, restaurants and the like.


Users could not only witness the world class tournaments of E-Sports, but also enjoy E-Sports trainings in the international standard E-Sports Incubation. The structure of the Stadium not only advocates the idea of exploration, but also redefines the concept of E-Sports.


The 5-Star Hotel serves as a combination of commonly shared facilities that caters E-Sports players, incubators and guests during tournaments and training.