Youth S.P.O.T. for HKFYG @ Farm Road

Curvilinear Spine


The Centre is shaped with a Curvilinear Spine which integrates different functions together and a strong sense of “Flowing Space” leading all the way from entrance to exit. Behind the Curvilinear Wall, several I.T. Learning Rooms and Multi-function Rooms are collabrated. Within the Cuvilinear Spine, the reception counter clearly responding to all visitors and gathering space is identified at the far end corner of the spine.


Flowing and Openness in Space


Along the curvilinear spine, and in order to facilitate the smoothness of the “Flowing Space” an intended openness and literally transparency are introduced. The hard core of the Flowing Space along the cuvilinear spine is a glazed-pocket space where all I.T. equipment are installed for easy accessing convenience. All I.T. equipment are deliberately displayed for easy access.


Metallic Icon and Mural Wall


The entire Centre is conceived as an "Computerization" metaphor which all surfaces are purposely in Metallic Surfaces. In addition, a Mural-Wall filled with learning subjects are created as a "Shrine" for the "Passion of Learning". Metallic silver is introduced along the entire Curvilinear Spine so as to intensify a strong sense of I.T. learning.