10+ Architecture Exhibition @ Cattle Depot Artist Village

10+ Architecture Exhibition


The Exhibition was held in the red brick architecture of Cattle Depot in Kowloon City. Cattle Depot, built in early 20th century, was originally used for the temporary aggregation of cattle being shipped in via the nearby pier. The bricks are naturally exposed, with pitched roofs on top and steel columns inside.


The exhibition setup did not attempt to conceal these rustic features but left them exposed, shaping an alternative experience for the viewers and preparing them for the exhibition on architecture.


Exhibition Design
The exhibition was divided into 4 zones, occupying the 4 rooms of the site. The circulation of visitors was designed to be channeled into a one way mobility, following the chronology and significance of the architecture projects, represented in forms of panels, architectural models and multimedia output.


Zone 1
Upon entrance visitors would be greeted by a large feature wall in the foyer area. Visitors’ minds were here prepared for the exhibits ahead. On the feature wall displayed the introduction of the exhibitor’s background, including its evolution, awards, team makeup and future aspirations.


Zone 2
Zone 2 exhibited selected fruits of the past with displays of completed architecture projects in Hong Kong and Mainland China. A variety of architecture types was chosen to be exhibited in the area, a choice atypical to the eyes of the general public, who would more frequently see models of residential towers at apartment sales.

Zone 3
Zone 3 showcased selected architecture projects in progress. On one hand this zone further exemplified the exhibitor’s variety and dedication, on the other this selection also led and tuned viewers to look ahead into the future and share the exhibitor’s aspirations.


Zone 4
Zone 4 is a special room that concluded viewer’s journey with a choice of projects that was current and in close response to the HKSAR’s government public policies, such as on topics on conservation, wholesale conversion of industrial buildings, institutional architecture, and so forth.