iCube @ Zhuhai, PRC

cinema + theme restaurants + retail stores


● The Site
The site is located at a corner site of the centrepoint of Zhuhai, PRC, where the New Mass Transit Railway and its Stations are passing by and built. Occupying a Total GFA of 72,000 sq.ft and at a strategic location, the site enjoys good city views and an Open Space of 20,000sq.ft in the front.


In addition, the site is at the major crossroad junction linked up by various transportation system, one of them is the major artery and central axiality of the city.


The Design Concept


● The Cube in the Square
As the site receives direct vast pedestrian flow and attention at the corner, a prologue of the Shopping Mall is strategically planned in the Open Space of 20,000sq.ft as a square for Outdoor Multi-Activities, leisure and relaxation. The Cube performs as a literal Visual Prologue of the Mall whilst the entire Square is conceived as the "Meeting Point of the City".


● The "Gothic" Façade
The Front Elevation of the Shopping Mall is essential to the development, especially promoting the Retail Seasonal Promotions and the upcoming activities for the city, representing the chracter of the mall. The manifestation of the Front Elevation of the Mall is inspired by the impact of the "Gothic Church", on its "Verticality" and the colours introduced by the Stained Glass.

● The "Matt Gold" Atrium
The retail concept and trade mix of the Mall Facilities combines the Cinema and the Theme Restaurants for a wide range of cuisines as well as the Retail Shops.


With six levels, each level occupies 12,000sq.ft, a large Atrium is purposely designed in the centre with effective Sight lines, and is linked up by escalators and observation lifts.


The 2-dimensional square shaped aluminium ceiling panels with intensive cut outs of "Ecliptic Shapes" are deliberately displayed at the main entrance ceilings and the atrium corridors' ceilings receiving direct attention from the shoppers, and the eclipse shapes also perform as lighting fittings and indirect lights for the major circulations by Hi-Contrasting colours - Matt Gold.

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