BHA Sydney + Community Gallery@ Dulwich Hill, Sydney NSW

BHA Sydney + Community Gallery
@ 25 Weston Street, Dulwich Hill, Sydney NSW, Australia


Situated at 25, Weston Street of Dulwich Hill, Sydney, the unique brickwork architecture with rich history is originally a warehouse for light industry and mechanical repairing.....


The conception of the conversion of the warehouse into a “Community Gallery” is a manifestation of revitalizing the building with new life by injecting new synergy of Art, Design, Exhibition, Pop Culture, Architecture, Leisure and serve the communities nearby.


The design attempt is an orthodox amalgamation of re-introducing a “Communal Platform”, conceived as an Urban Agora for regular seasonal exhibitions for Art, Design, Engineering and Architecture; Seminars for sharing ideas and Art Jamming activities.

A Star Wars Museum, recorded in official star, is planned inside the gallery and a Cafeteria is well equipped to serve for charities, thus the revitalization is targeted for charitable activities like promoting artists’ works and seminars without any commercial activities but wholeheartedly to serve the community and neighbourhoods.


Based on the planning strategy of the Council, the entire design is an attempt to preserve most of the existing elements like red brick walls, loft decks, roof truss, metal window frames and concrete floor…etc. Specialists like engineers, town planers, architects, certifiers are all engaged to foster a Community Gallery for the community.