Plaza 2000 @ Russell Street, Causeway Bay

Major Alteration & Addition Works for Plaza 2000 @ Russell Street, Causeway Bay


MEGA- RETAIL in Densely Populated Cities
In hyper-density cities like Hong Kong, the ever growing demand for MEGA-RETAIL High Rise Structure for Urban Growing is a Urban Development, especially in the famous Super High Rent Zone in Russell Street, Causeway Bay for the Super International Brands.


Such Mega-Demand for Mega-Retail High Rise thus provokes experimental and provocative architectural explorations to seek opportunities to Re-Define & Re-Create the metaphor for Retail- Architecture.


Situated in the heart of Causeway Bay of Hong Kong Island, the Russell Street has been well known for its Heavy Pedestrian Flow and High Rental Price for Luxurious Product and International Brands, the Re-Modelling of Plaza 2000 is an exploration to transform the existing structure and skin into a more Breath-Taking Iconic Chic which performs as a major Iconic Landmark of the Russell Street in Causeway Bay.


The podium of the PLAZA 2000 houses the Milano Brand PRADA Flagship Store.