House 18 @ Yishan Garden, Shenzhen, PRC

This project is a contemporary white house design. Simple expression of line works are lighted on the off-white background.


Floating Planes
The use of different lighting effects are essential to give life to the design. The house’s main entrance is defined by a floating roof with concealed lighting while the glass staircase being the main focal point of the house is highlighted by spotlights conceived as a “floating element”. The floating roof performs also as a directional signs to connect the entrance space leading to family room.


Vertical Transparency
The house is vertically connected by a Glass-Structured Staircase” which skeleton is metallic structure and is deviced with uplighting from ground level. The staircase revelas both ‘Literal’ and ‘Pheonomenal’ transparencies as a discrete element to the off-white background.


Floating Space / Cubes
The floating planes together with the concealed lighting technics have literally created three-dimensional cubes for different events and functions, such as open kitchen and dining room, guest bedroom and reading room.