The Incubation Block of Qian Hai Creative E-Hub@ QianHai (Part 2)

The Incubation Block,
Extension (Phase 2) of QianHai Creative Entrepreneur-Hub



Situated in the original backyard garden of phase 1, the incubation block is conceived as the continuation of the phase 1 but with a linear site with gingerly attention of axiality, new entrance statement and environmental concerns.


The Invisible Axiality

The manifestation of the phase 2 Incubation Block is a Design Attempt to continue the Invisible Axiality from phase 1 in a subtle way.....such that the irregularities flow naturally penetrate into the Incubation Block indirectly.


The ambiguity of the turning a backyard garden of phase 1 into a new development of phase 2 with special attention to creating a new entrance piazza fostering a new entrance statement are all the major challenges of the exercise.


Thus the “Air-Right” architectural volume aims to provide 2 accessibilities from new entrance statement as well as from the natural flow from phase 1.

The Central Atrium

The entire manipulation of space is an attempt to “Uplift” the linear architectural massing to allow multiple accessibility from ground level, and is also an attempt to creating a linear space within an atrium of interconnecting bridges to intensifying + accelerating communication; such raise of architectural volume allows the ground level feasible for conceiving as communal space for activities for all seasons where natural rain & sun could be penetrated naturally into the void without any Greenhouse Effect.