IVE Fashion Centre @ Kwai Chung

The Fashion Centre at IVE Kwai Chung is a semi-public venue designed to attract students, practitioners or even the general public to share the resources in the Centre in diverse ways: -


Curvilinear Dimensions
Organic Shapes and forms are designed to reveal the metaphor of “Plasticity” of fabrics and textiles. The “Embracing and Welcoming Form” at the Central Space is formed to allow for the performances of different activities such as seminars, exhibitions, fashion shows and resources centres.


Concave vs Convex Spaces
The central curve defines the basic function of the Centre: -
“Concave Space” defines the main multi-function space;
“Convex Space” defines the back-of-house area such as designers’ workshop, pantry, wardrobe and changing room.


The highlight of the embracing form is the “Intervention” of the diagonal line which created the focal point and contradiction of space, which allows multi-functional activities to be held in different set-ups and configurations.

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