Stripes Apartment @ Guangzhou, PRC

The Stripes
The conception of the stripes apartment aims to introduce linear line qualities to de-centralize the conventional hierarchical arrangement of spaces within the residential units.


The Curvilinear Quality
The conception of the design aims to reconstruct an infinite linear quality to the awk-shaped architectural plan; the lighting device aims to intensify the ambience in different settings.


The Literal Transparency – “An Encounter with Nature”
“An Encounter with Nature” is the theme of this showflat. The design aims to offer a natural and fashionable living space which characterized with some individual styles of the designer.


Minimal decorations are done to the walls or ceiling in order to display the original spatial form of the apartment. Based on the existing layout, the design establishes a natural tone as the foundation. The living and dinning room open out to each other and both are furnished with simple rattan and wooden furniture. The overall setting maybe simple, yet it is tasteful and pleasing to the eye.