Extension (Phase 2) of Qian Hai Creative E-Hub@ QianHai (Part 3)

Extension (Phase 2) of Qian Hai Creative E-Hub@ QianHai


The architectural language of the Qian Hai Creative Youth Entrepreneurship Dream Factory designed in 2014 -15 is based on the conception of “NON-TRADITIONAL, NON-CONSERVATIVE, TRANSFORMING, NON-CONVENTIONAL and NON-TYPICAL” designs. The design outcomes was innovative, open-ended and outward looking with spectacular elements of entrepreneur dreams, which coincides the “Chinese Dreams” provoked by PRC Leader in 2013.


The original attempt to introduce the colours “Black, White and Grey” as the major architectural colours of the Qian Hai Creative Youth Entrepreneurship Dream Factory defined in 2014 – 2015, was a metaphor of a purely white painting canvas for the youth to put colour on to enriching their own life, which was also an metaphor representing the Qian Hai Authority did not compromise all resources for youth, and yet the youth have to accomplish their own creative dream by their own wisdom, thus to create their own bright colourful future by their own hands.

The new extension for Qian Hai Creative Youth Entrepreneurship Dream Factory is a continuation of the legacy defined in the original plan, whilst the “Axialities” intentionally extended far behind for infinity. The extension is an attempt to re-define the new needs of the youth entrepreneurship in diverse and holistic ways. A brand new youth square is re-introduced onto the original path of the original plan which was originally defined as the Backyard Garden, thus creates a new main iconic entrance to the whole development. The extension of legacy includes an “INSTITUTIONAL BLOCK”, with environmental shield device in order to create even more environmental-friendly and sensitivity for the future of the young entrepreneur. Whilst the other side of the new youth square has developed an advanced level “ACCELERATOR BLOCK” where advanced levels of young entrepreneurs will locate their new laboratories and research centres.


The entire manifestation is an attempt to introduce green architecture and environmental sensitive elements to the whole Qian Hai, with a holistic approach to provoke the stronger sensitivity of environmental future for the youth in advanced level, as well as the blessing to the future of youth, and also to the entire Qian Hai.