Salone del Mobile@ Milano 2012

Salone del Mobile @ Milano 2012
Hyper-Density Metropolitan Architecture in Asia


Hyper-Density Metropolitan Architecture in Asia
Urban Intervention of Hi-Rise Architecture into the Hyper-Density Metropolitan Cityscape and it's impact are unavoidable in many developing Asian cities, such metamorphosis of transformation maybe premature, vague and even paradoxical!


The exhibition of 3 different Hi-Rise Architectural cases in 3 different zones explicitly demonstrates the paradoxical interventions is a direct response to the theme "Vertigo".


Case 1- The Urban Re-inventor- The Mercer
The Mercer- A Hi-Rise Boutique Hotel in the "Zone in Transition" area next to Central District is an Urban Intervention in an old district by Re-introducing a new dimension within the low-rise cityscape around the region.
The Urban Intervention has brought about a new chemistry to the region especially on the blooming of the F&B outlets, thus the urban cityscape is simultaneously stimulated to jet up rapidly.


Case 2- The Urban Rhizome- Zebrano
The Zebrano- An Urban Rhizome erected in the heart of a rapidly Post Second War World Shophouses' zone - Kowloon City is an "Unavoidable" Urban Redevelopment scene by Re-Interpreting a Hi-Rise Residential Development is based on an interpretation of the region as a Forest, but planting a Tall Tree to transform the silhouette of short shrubs.


Case 3- The Urban Icon- Kunming World Trade Centre
The Kunming World Trade Centre is a brutal insertion of an Iconic Hi-Rise Tower into a tranquil landscape painting, the manifestation of inserting the Tower into Kunming Centre is an attempt to Re-construct the new rules and logics of Tall Tower's typology within the boring socialist/ communist cityscape.