Walnut Boutique@ Pearl City 1, Zhuhai, PRC

High Contrast between Walnut and Mirrors


Apart from employing a minimalistic approach to the architectural interiors design, the scheme aims to escape from conventional minimalistic style by introducing a contrast between a softer Walnut coloured wood fixtures and a cooler and harsher mirror surfaces to the living environment.


Open Kitchen Design


Concrete partitioning is not used to segment the different functions of spaces in the apartment. Rather, an open design is chosen, thus allowing a freely flowing space continuous from the Living to the Dining Room and ultimately to the Kitchen.


Semi-Open Study Room


Sliding Partitioning allows a flexible partial partitioning for privacy and for the Guest Bedroom.


En Suite Walnut


Walnut paneling is employed. While this gives off a sense of weightiness, mirrors are also used in contrast to lighten off the ambience and allow more airiness and the sense of a larger space.