Zen for Asianism @ Lan Kwai Fong

What is ‘Zen’


‘Zen’ is the truth, life and wisdom in the universe, which includes organism, non-organism and everything from nature in the universe, such as the life changing, wisdom, ability and ecology. All these are belong to ‘Zen”, big as planet, small as sand, it is of course includes human as well.


For instance, there are a lot of undivided relationships between human; human and weather, geography and nature are undivided. Therefore the overall meaning to ‘Zen” means every little thing in the universe is ‘One Unity”.


‘Zen’ is ‘purity’, ‘righteousness’, ‘perfection’ of the universe, with its coexistence. Applying in human, it is a behavior of truth, righteousness and perfection. Buddish comes from ‘Zen’, human can enter blessed land.


If a person can live in ‘Zen’ mind, he/she can live happily everyday, without worries and no affectation, treating people with sincere, it turns out other people are willing to be friends with you.


Zen for Asianism is a retail shop for achieving the concept for “One Unity” and thus the shop is in pure-white as backdrops and the Interior blends in with the Furniture with harmonic co-existence.