Emperor Group Centre @ Wanchai

Wanchai, where the Emperor Group Centre Building is located, is a busy district packed with buildings finished with glitzy facades, making it difficult for pedestrians to differentiate and identify one’s location. The petrol station in turn became the most handy point of reference along Hennessy Road.


Emperor Group Centre building borders on Hennessy Road, Mallory Street and Wanchai Road. Before renovation, the visual linkage between the entrance for the office tower and the entrance for the mall on the other side was weak on the street level. While the entrance for office tower was making a strong corporate identity, the shops were not visually clearly distinguished from the URA project across Mallory Street.


To create a stronger visual coherence on the 3 sides, along the 1.5m canopy LED light belts were used to bring a continuity linking the 2 nodal entrances and the 3 sides together. The facades were also re-cladded with Giallo S.F. stone.


A mega LEDTV is installed on the exterior facing Hennessy Road for corporate and entertainment communications of the Group. On the side facing Wanchai Road, an animated LED TV is installed. On the street level, vertical signages are installed to punctuate the building block, adding a visual rhythm. These all help the Centre to distinguish itself in the busy and crowded area, thereby creating a landmark in the district, helping pedestrians to locate themselves.


“Rain drop” alabaster illuminators give definition to the façade above the podium level, so that nothing is overshadowed by podium signages at night time. The illumination also help introduce pedestrians back to use Mallory Street.