Vistors' Centre + Museum for St.Stephen's College @ Stanley

The Conservation & Restoration of Pre-war Bungalows into Visitors’ Centre & Museum for St. Stephen’s College, Stanley (AMO Grade I Historical Building) is an attempt to restore the original features of the Bungalows and to re-introduce new elements for exhibition/ museum use. The Presentation Areas include:


The Roof Feature by re-introducing uplighting, bulk-heads and light troughs to re-define the “Pitched Pointed Roof”; New Air Conditioning is also introduced to upkeep the quality of the valuable exhibits;


The Door & Windows Schedules by re-introducing timber door & windows to upkeep the original sprits of the Bungalows;


The Chimney & The Timber Floor by re-touching the finishes to their original intention and colours.

The newly introduced elements for exhibition/ museum include:


- The Exhibition Panels, Display Boxes, Audio-Visual projections and Study Models by re-introducing six sections:


1. An Introduction of the Museum
2. The Ravages of World War II
    2.1 18-day war
    2.2 Black Christmas 25-12-1941
    2.3 Internment years: Freedom Lost
    2.4 Liberation: Freedom Regained
    2.5 Heroes Hailed
    2.6 Struggle for survival
3. The “Eton of the East”
4. An international Hub for Asian Chinese with Roots Tied to the Motherland
5. Boarding life Through the Century
6. Transformation and Legacies: Leadership, School Type, and Landmark