IVE Fashion & Image Gallery @ Kwai Chung

The Centre is conceived as an Image & Fashion Stations for multi-functions such as Hairstyling and Boutique Business for both academic and entrepreneurial purposes.


Image Station


The Image Station takes on a Hip and Boutique style and has been subdivided into more Image and Styling Stations for student use. The Black Chandelier overhead gives a sense of grandness that echoes with that of the subject matter here. Striped flooring is used to differentiate itself from other utilities also in beige, while at the same time without ignoring the overall harmony of the warm ambience the wood colour gives off.


Curvilinear Infinitive Form


The Fashion Gallery for displaying clothing experiments is shaped in a Curvilinear Infinitive Form that urges visitors to have a thorough walk through students’ exhibits. Accenting the Curve are Display Windows for more mannequins displaying students’ works. Lighting flexibilities are allowed for different moods matching with the exhibits or different functions.