E-Dance Studio @ Causeway Bay

The Studio, located at the heart of the Consumers' Paradise of Causeway Bay, is designed as a Flexi-Studio for dancing classes such as Latin Dance, Chacha, Samba, Rumba and Tango.


Light Box Transparency


Teacher’s panel is highlighted in a transparent glass box to allow visual communication with the main floor area. The transparency and mirrors add a sense of luminosity to the space for students and dancers practicing their steps here.


Flexibility in Space


The necessary mirrors in a room for dance practice are conceived as sliding panels that can be opened up for a display of ultra large posters. The posters can further open up to the glass windows leading to views outside. The introduction of the exterior to the interior through the use of windows is unconventional for a dance room.


With the mirror panels and giant poster pushed aside, at night time the Studio can be conceived as a giant light box seen from the streets, thereby attracting pedestrians walking by. Alternatively, window displays of the chosen posters can be hoisted showing the spectacular dance moves of the famed teacher.