Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Building @ Kai Tak, Kowloon East

Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Building @ Kai Tak, Kowloon East


Interior Design Concept


To create a world class destination experience in the proposed Cruise Terminal, one that caters to welcoming visitors arriving through a leisurely and luxurious cruise travel, while also transforms into an event venue for the community of Hong Kong, dedicated special interior designs are developed to shape a unique metropolitan visitor experience that also allow flexibility for non-cruise function.


Curvilinear Forms to Respond to Site Location and Functions of Cruise Terminal


Echoing the form of propagating waves of the ocean, the means through which these cruise passengers travel, the interior design shall adopt curvilinear forms to inspire a sense of fluidity. Celebrating the prime location at the Victoria Harbour, minimal obstruction shall be imposed for unchallenged oceanic vista. The rhythmic and controlled curvilinear quality is also a phenomenal expression of Hong Kong’s skyline on two sides of the Harbour.


Interior Design Complementing the Architecture


Circular and elliptic lines and shapes also reverberate the fluid form of the iconic architecture, merging into a seamless integration. Along the design language of the pure architectural form, no unnecessary details shall be adopted in the interiors. Interventions of space shall be clean and sleek, to offer a hygienic, efficient and functional space for CIQP facilities, yet without compromising passenger comfort and visual interest. The choice of materials shall be simple and modern, with a future looking and technological expression, of good durability adaptable for various functions.