Proposed Columbarium @ Lantau North

The word “Shangri-La” represents the “Moon & Daylights of the Heart”, reveals the tranquility & mortal ideology of the Oriental Philosophy.


“Lost Horizon” written by the renowned British Author James Hilton once described the mysterious Shangri-La. The Shangri-La described in the book situated in the valley of the Western side of Himalayas, was a mysterious, calm and a land of forever-happiness, the inhabitants there worshipped Buddhism.


The Site


The proposed Columbarium is situated at a quiet village of the Lantau North. The Site Context is purely surrounded by natural terrain and shrubs but not an essential Religions Temple Complex at Shek Pik Au. The Site is beautifully located at the valley facing North-South orientation.


The Architectural Letting


In response to the natural setting of the site, the architectural setting purposely creates a “Pilgrimage to Elysium” for an architectural prologue.


The Architectural Prologue & Memorial


● The Memorial Wall
The Architectural Prologue creates “A Path of Life” for the visitors as well as a  Grand fareface Concrete Curve Wall – Memorial Wall to receive the visitors. The Memorial Wall is set at an angle to reveal the columbarium Elevation dramatically & subtlety.

● The Grand Lawn
The nature of Necro-Architecture is fundamentally a Landscape Garden for Family Reunion. The Grand Lawn therefore is created to receive the Columbarium building as well as a second encounter space for family reunions.-The River of Sigh A shallow-depth pool is skillfully set along the peripheral of the building separating the Grand Lawn, not only reflecting the building onto the pool water, but also reflecting one’s life when crossing it the river represents one’s sigh of remembering the lost love one.


● The Grand Columbarium
The Columbarium consists of 3 levels of Niches with supporting amenities and Cross-ventilation designs.


● The floral Path
The Floral path is a celebration of Life which symbolizes the colorful meaning of the path of Life. The Pavilion of Mortal  A Pavilion of Mortal is designed for memorial activities which is sat on a water pond.


● The Pavilion of Re-Birth
A Pavilion of Re-Birth is arranged at the far end of the entire complex & planning, which aims to symbolize the meaning of Life & Death, as well as their Re-birth.