Green Apartment @ Jardine's Lookout

Green is a neutral color representing mother-nature. The conception of the design scheme aims to provide a natural and neutral ambience for relaxation, meditation and rest.


Phenomenal Green
Today, mechanical equipment is widely employed by urban dwellers to seek for health and relaxation. On the contrary, this scheme aims to foster a Phenomenal Green to the inhabitant to re-capture the green environment spiritually without further assistance from mechanical devices.


The lighting design purposely concealed along all edges of the walls and ceilings to foster a clear but soft definition of wall wash to the green ambience.


Green without Plants
There are 2 meanings of Dialogue with Nature:
Literal and phenomenal, this scheme aims to create a neutral environment made of pale green ambience to recapture the phenomenal dialogue between the inhabitant and Nature even without a single plant.

To integrate architecture with environment in a densely populated city like Hong Kong is obviously difficult.


The site environment itself is the major inspiration, the scheme aims to re-explore the relationship between “Public” and "Private", “Solid” and “Void”, “Openness” and “Enclosure”, “Light” and “Shadow” in terms of interaction, re-expressed Zen.


The interiors adopted the expression of “Void” and “Private” to allow maximum views to be penetrated into the interiors. By using ‘Solid’ and ‘Public’ elements to express the relevant functions.

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