Conference Lodge @ HK University of Science & Technology

Conference Lodge @ Hong Kong University of Science and Technology



The Site
The site is situated beautifully at the far end of the Main Campus of the University, facing the seashore without any visual obstruction.


The site is a 1,680sq.m linear site with North-South Orientation, planning with 8 storey of total GFA 6,950 sq.m.


The Design Synopsis
The linear site originally fosters a linear narrow architectural block with a juxtaposition gesture. However, the 180 degree sea view fosters a stronger Superimposition setting by opening up the architectural massing to create a central void for both airiness and openness as well as creating a strong visual linkage around the interior of the Lodge.


The architectural superimposition is conceived as a Herbal Chest, whilst the Guest Rooms are conceived as Vertical Cubes randomly displayed around the major elevation facing north.

The Accommodation
The entire Conference Lodge aims to create a relaxing, pleasant but contemporary hospitality ambience to welcome International Scholars and Families to stay.


The accommodation includes 130 Guest Rooms for Twin-share, Double Bed, Family Suites and Executive Suites. In order to facilitate the Academic Exchange and its supporting facilities, Conference Room and Seminar Room are flexibly provided at the Entrance Level. Restaurant and Cafeteria are also equipped at the same level along with Contemporary Reception and Lounge.