Residence Clubhouse for MELISSA@ Haikou

The project is a collaboration with Kohn Pedersen Fox, (KPF), USA.


The Chinese Restaurant (皇朝御園) is conceived as a Re-Interpretation of traditional Chinese landscape garden with contemporary design elements. The sequence of spatial qualities, the application of “Square” and “Round” shapes and forms, together with the unique colours of dark grey, subtle red and interlocking squares, all coordinated together to re-interpret the Chinese architectural elements into contemporary spaces for Chinese cuisine.


The “Round Heaven” + “Square Earth”
Inspired by the unique design philosophy of ancient Chinese architecture and landscape garden, the “Round” + “Square” shapes + forms are the only geometries apply to the restaurant consistency throughout the different sequences of space.


The Dining Hall
Inspired by the two unique geometries “Round” + “Square”, the main Dining Hall is conceived as the first courtyard of the landscape garden, where square Chinese chandeliers and round dinning tables create unique harmonies and symmetries as the prologue of the sequences of space.


The Private Dining Room
The Private Dining Rooms are equipped with different re-interpretation of “Round” + “Square” shapes, thus new geometries, decorations are created by “Interlocking” squares to re-create New Chinese Aesthetics.