The Accelerator Block of Qian Hai Creative E-Hub@ QianHai (Part 1)

The Accelerator Block,
Extension (Phase 2) of Qianhai Creative Entrepreneur-Hub


Redefinition of Circulation Pattern

The design intention is an attempt to redevelop the existing ball courts + backyard gardens into phase 2 with new definition of entrances and to re-design the Backyard Garden as a new iconic entrance for both Phase 1 & 2, thus the Accelerator Block is not only functioning as a building mass, but also a new iconic nodal point for circulation to a new main road.


Continuation of Axiality from phase one

The major dilemma of the phase 2 planning lies on the ambiguity and paradoxical redefinition of new entrance statement for the whole complex, such manifestation on Axialities between the old and the new thus will be the complexity and contradiction of the project. New dimensions on Main circulation pattern, side lanes and a new sunken “Youth Square” are all redefined, linked up and newly patterned, as a result the former backyard garden and ball courts are all transformed into a new entrance statement.

Conception of a Comet

The Accelerator Block, occupying the iconic corner site and is redefining the new entrance statement and axiality with new circulation pattern, is an iconic machine representing phase 2 as well as a major environmental symbol for energy saving. Thus the accelerator block is conceived as a Comet solidly and solemnly set on the corner as a metaphor of new representation of the Creative Entrepreneur Hub and also a new metaphoric example of Green Architecture, as a whole to the entire Qian Hai Development.


Conception of Double Skinned Structure

In order to foster the metaphoric symbol of the Environmental Concerns for younger generations in Qian Hai and her young creative entrepreneurs, the “Double-Skin” elevation is an intention and manipulation of demonstrating the visionary future of the entrepreneurs and passion + mission for a better healthy environment for earth.


The outer skin is made up of free form triangular perforated metal panels as outer shading device to cool down the entire building at all seasons, whilst the perforated metal pattern does NOT create any visual obstruction to the interiors but almost 20% of energy consumption is saved; the inner skin of curtain wall aims to provide “Hand-Level” manipulated openable windows, which is an attempt to achieve cross ventilation for all seasons so as to reduce the energy consumption in conventional air conditioning.


As a result, the entire free form triangular perforated metal outer skin with lightings creates a multi-facet comet.