Resort Residence @ Palm Island Golf Resort, Huizhou, PRC

Mediterranian cum South-East Asian Style Resort Residence


The 2-storey Resort Complex located in Palm Island, PRC, took on a yellowish spray paint exterior, giving residents a relaxed, warm and welcoming feeling, which is what the residents, who come to the house during a vacation, are looking for.


From a bird’s eye view, the house can be seen designed in a horse-shoe shape, which is a welcoming form resembling open arms.


The three sides of the horse-shoe houses different functions.


The centre is the Main Block accommodating the living room, dining room, study room and a family room. The overhead library is also here designed for an easy access of books for the owner while also overlooking the living room down the spiral stairs.


To the right of the lily pond located in front of the Main Block is a Buddist temple where monks can chant their prayers outside of their dormitory located on the ground floor.


The left wing is a garage. Outside of it is a pavilion with a water way extending from it which leads to a swimming pool with a fluid outline. Encircling the house, swimmers can have a nice view of the house while having a dip in the pool and swimming back to the pavilion for a rest or other refreshments.