Tatooine for Stars Wars Collections@ Genesis

Tatooine for Stars Wars Collections@ Genesis


TATOOINE is situated at Genesis, the Wholesale Conversion of Industrial Building occupying an area of around 200 sq.m. and is conceived as a Leisure Space for Collectors displaying valuable collectibles and also for sharing with STAR WARS fans.


TATOOINE is displaying and unveiling more than 3000 Star Wars’ collectible items, collected over the past 30 years from:
Amsterdam, Annecy, Antwerp, Arras, Bangkok, Berlin, Bologna, Fossano, Geneva, Genoa, Helsinki, Joetsu, Kagoshima, Kobe, Kochi, Busan, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, London, Macau, Milano, Osaka, Oslo, Seoul, Singapore, Stockholm, Taipei, Tokyo, USA, Lille, Melaka, Nagoya, Niigata, Okinawa, San Marino, Shanghai, Torino & Vienna.


TATOOINE is NOT created for any commercial activities, but is a “Space and Place” for visitors to explore and to understand the “Force of Creativity and Originality”, and is also a place and forum to share the Star Wars philosophy, a mini-theatre is equipped for movies.

The TATOOINE is not open on a daily basis but by appointment upon request.


Function: An extensive collection of Star Wars memorabilia goes on display in TATOOINE- models and figures to share with others.