Generating New Youth in Asia Series

Youth Centres are of vital importance in a crowded city like Hong Kong where many children often stay outside after school due to congested living condition. While practicality is of high concern for these Youth Centres, it is not the sole factor that directs the spatial design. The interior design for the 4 existing HKFYG Youth Centres has thus been revamped so as to offer aesthetically attractive yet highly practical space where youngsters would love to stay for quality time in a safe shelter.


Each of the Youth Centres were designed with different themes in the spatial design to cater for needs of the spectrum of peoples from all walks of life – from lower to middle income families, middle to upper income families, and the upper income families. The Youth SPOT at Tuen Mun emphasises on warmth and study, the Youth SPOT at Verbena Heights emphasises on performing arts, the Youth SPOT at Farm Road's on IT learning, and the LEAD Centre at Cyberport emphasises on design and technology.


All spaces are designed to be highly flexible due to the tight space that has to cater for various needs. Youngsters who could not find a space of their own in over crowded homes could find a physical space to exercise their different interests after school there. They could also find the phenomenal space of peers.

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