Cantonyama @ Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui



The design problem of the project is how to ‘transform’ the existing group of abandoned restaurants into a trendy mall for the young and energetic crowd.


In order to attract the targeted consumers, ‘Brand Building’ of the mall would be one of the first issues to be dealt with. The consumers in Canton Road represent a unique characteristic as opposed to those in Mong Kok or Central.


Front Facade – Iconic Red


The entrance and façade gives the first impression of the mall to the potential customers. The ‘Iconic Red’ colour of the external façade attracts the pedestrian at first sight. Together with the vibrant changing colour effect produced by LED lights and the supergraphics signage and light-box, the design aims to create a landmark at Canton Road for the hip and chic.


Vertical Spine – Glass Staircase


The small G/F entrance constitute a major site constraint to the design of the mall. The vertical circulation by foot is the major means of entry to the upper storeys of the mall.
The design of a glass staircase with dynamic colour lighting effect give a transparent and light-weight atmosphere to attract the consumers even though they have to walk up one storey to visit the shops.

Circulation vs Connection


The design of the mall deliberately provides escalators going up only and direct the customers to walk through the mall before heading back via the feature glass staircase, thus giving a complete circulation to the mall.
Bold supergraphics light box align both sides of the escalators to mark the entry to each level of the shopping mall.


Mall Identity


Different colours are designated for each level of shopping mall giving identity to the shops.
The colours can also be easily differentiated by the shoppers to give clear directions.Bold thematic graphics are used throughout the mall to strengthen the characteristic of the centre.
Sliding doors are designed for the shops for a more spacious shop front. Signages for each shop are also controlled such that the mall identity can be maintained.