Domus Armani @ Huizhou, PRC

Re-interpreting Modern Oriental Domus
The entire scheme aims to re-interpret the new definition of Oriental Domus in modern era. Ignoring the fact that the minimalistic approach to most architectural interiors in residential design, the scheme aims to escape from conventional minimalistic style by re-introducing elemental Oriental Ornament but Sophisticated Decorations into the living environment.


Miniature Garden
The Domus begins with an entrance courtyard where elemental Oriental garden landscapes are introducing the welcoming languages with details of miniature landscapes.


Lounge and Dining
Dark tinted timber occasionally mixed and matched with the sophisticated Matt Gold Panel to create the unique contrast as the backdrop for both dining and lounge area to re-capture the sophistication of the “Gold” on traditional Oriental Buddha and temples.


Study Suite and Bedroom
The details of the Study Suite together with the Bedroom are carefully concealed with traditional but simplified Lattice Woods and Decorative Buddha skillfully mixed and matched with Beige color as soft tone background.